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The Chronicles of a Grocery Store
"Did you find everything you were looking for today?"

****this is still under construction****
i have a bunch of stuff written down but no
time to type it all up and post it!

-cashier #265

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Valu Mart Tales

I definitely want to go vegetarian now. Thanks to the disgusting customers that come through my lane. That means you, you, you and your husband.
See, considerate,smart,healthy people who use common sense, usually put their meats in those FIGHT BAC clear plastic bags. Please DO THIS. I don't care if it takes a couple of seconds longer to scan the pork tenderloin of the sirloin steak. Trust me, it's sooo much more comfortable,easier, and sanitary to take 3 extra seconds to scan than to get the chicken or pig's blood on my hands,scale/scanner adn conveyer belt. Not to mention, all over your other purchases which may include bakery or produce.
Please put your meats in those bags. Especially stuff like ground beef, that always goes over the edges of the styrofoam trays (that break very easily). And those huge cuts of meat that are 3 times the size of the tray. Remember, most of the raw meat is NOT, I repeat, NOT sealed. It's just covered in plastic wrap. and of course, the blood and juices that splash over the styrofoam rn to the bottom and out the plastic. Usually i just feel the wetness of it and the squishyness and see the blood and juices splashing around and slowly soaking through the plastic, but today the roast was acutally semi-covered in blood on the outside!!!!! I actually saw the red blood on my hands, scale adn belt. REVOLTING! DISGUSTING! DISEASE SPREADING! ERLACK! I had to quickly sanitize everything and my hands. Doesn't anyone realize the sorts of e.coli and other stufff spread like that?!? Obviously you don't. So just a simple request to every shopper, on behalf of every cashier,
bag your damn meat.

p.s. i left a nice bloody finger print on the receipt of the person who brought the super bloody roast =]
take that sucker.

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Valu Mart tales

Vmart is haveing a 99c sale this week and it started today.
if someone ahd told me,i wouldve called in sick.
Today was busier thatn xmas ever and new year's eve put together! ridiculous. People were rushing to buy large quantities of gatorade, chocolate milk, potatoes and canned beans?!?! stupid consumers. they weren't buying the stuff b/c they needed it or even because they wanted it. They all just came running over b/c the sign said "99 cents"

What is one person going to do with 25 bottles of gatorade??? No one except pro athletes can actually burn the carbs and calories in that stuff. Average Joe on his treadmill and his dumbells will end up gaining weight b/c he'll be taking in so much from the gatorade and he won't be able to burn it off b/c of his average level of physical activity. gatorade was developed for pro athletes. Not you or me. GET OVER IT!

And how about 12x1L cartons of chocolate milk? I can't imagine anyone drinking all of taht before the expiry date (which on most cartons was in 4-6 days). You pigs are gonna have to chug 2-3L of chocolate milk per day! disgusting. It'd be revolting if there was ctually a person who liked chocolate milk that much. Yes, i'm saying that you are revolting.

Please don't come to Vmart and buy 4x7lb bags of potatoes. Seriously, why would you need 28lbs damn pounds of potatoes? If you're not feeding a small country, you don't!!!

The grossest thing is the 10lb rolls of ground beef. They're like almost 1 metre long and maybe 6in in diameter. ERLACK!
squishy, and cold adn bleeeeeeding. Just the thought of ti makes me cringe...I don't wanna think about it anymore...moving along then...

24 cans of beans?!?!?!?! WHY THE BLOODY HELL WOULD YOU NEED 24 CANS OF BEANS?!?!? enough said.

Despite your horrible eating and buying habits i did have minute or two to smile and gaze into the blue eyes of a David Beckham look alike. I'm not even kidding. the guy had his short hair cut, his eye shape (not colour), his smile and he was dressed really well. and there i was in my grubby puke green uniform and not straightnened hair..
I wonder if he can play soccer..
that'd be the hottest thing ever.

did u find everything you were looking for today? cuz i sure did lmao

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Valu Mart Tales

Today I hade my first 5-9 shift of the year. Great. I was working the express lane when an elderly man came through witha couple of items (dont remember what they were). He was nice and asked me how i was doing and the usual. when i gave him his change he game me 2 candies. A butterscotch one and a mint one w/ chocolate inside. then he said "i give out treats". i didn't know what to do. i mean, you know that whole "don't take candy from strangers" rule. so getting candy thats' in the twisty ends wrapper, not the sealed wrapper from an old guy was...uh...skeeeeetch.
Don't worry.
I didn't eat them.
I gave them to Joe in bakery
who gave them to someone in deli...


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Valumart tales

okay so yesterday while I was working I got some interesting customers (as always). I started at 9 am which is the earliest I’ve ever had to work so after about one hour the yawns started kicking in. it was really quiet so I was hoping I’d get a couple of worthy customers and I did. Since it was the 30th yesterday, I started wishing evry1 a happy new year. Most of the ppl(normal ppl) would say “oh thanks, same to u” and I’d say thanks as I gave them their reciept. But there just had to be an odd job there. This elderly (more polite than saying old) man came through with his purchases and when I said the new year thing I was giving him his change so he grabbed my hand, shook it and was about to kiss it. Well I had to intervene didn’t I? Yeah, I did. So before his lips touched my hand, I said ‘you don’t know where that’s been” bahahahahaha. The elderly man looks up, startled, with my hand still near his face, lifts his face away, shakes my hand again and says happy new year. HA! And to top that awkward moment off, as he was leaving, he stopped at an empty cashier lane, and got some hand sanitizer from the dispenser!!! oh that was funny!!!!

Then after my break (i was feeling a lot more refreshed, after eating and touching up the hair and make up) who came to my lane??? *sigh* Prince Charming ♥ This was just an absolutely beautiful man! Tall, lean, brown hair, blue eyes a zillion dollar smile. White thermal long sleeve, black vest, perfectly fitted Levi's. Really cute in a scruffy, outdoorsy kinda way. A smooth voice and a genuine "Hey how's work going for you today?" Sure, he belongs in a GAP commercial with Orlando Bloom but he was so sweeeeet...
When none of the apples he was buying gad a sticke i asked if he knew what kind they were. He grabbed a handful of his thick luscious hair, stretched, inhaled deeply then thought. after a moment of two he exhaled and sheepishly admitted that he had no idea.
"Let's just call the Golden delicious."
"But sir, they're red"
"oh. heh. are granny smith red?"
"they're green. what do you say to Empire?"
"are they red?"
"ok" (pause) "Oh! I just remembered, they're empires!!!"
*we both starte laughing*

*sigh* Prince Charming.....♥ ♥ ♥........

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Have you ever wondered why a cashier says 'thank you' when you hand them your money to pay for something?

Here is why i do it...I say 'thank you' because i didn't have to ask you to pay.
You know how sometimes there are those awkward, weird people that just don't seem to get
that they have to pay for the stuff i just scanned? well, i fear every customer will be
like that. so whenever someone has their credit card, debit card or cash (especially
exact change) out before i need to say "uh..your total comes to $10.67" i am relieved!!
YESSS! a normal human being who actually realizes what they're supposed to do without me asking.
so thank you!

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